About Sphinx Code

“to Know thyself is the beginning of wisdom” - socrates

The crown jewel of enlightenment is the understanding & mastery of one’s self.  It is allowing for the innate genius, creative, and wisdom to flow from Source, Nature, and Love through our being, illuminating and expressing our gift of unique beauty to the universe.  Understanding yourself deeply, can activate your highest genetic expression towards awakening your innate genius and achieve your soul purpose of experiencing the embodied heart. It gives you direction to greet your destiny in style!

The psychologist Carl Jung believed that we each had a personal subconscious structure derived of archetypes that dictated our soul’s imprint and was the true source of our behaviors and personality. The Sphinx Code provides your personal Archetypal Blueprint, the structure of your unique subconscious, helping you navigate the map of your personality and of your own transformational path towards achieving yourself in this life.

Sphinx Code is a powerful personality algorithm that deciphers the subconscious of an individual, or as Carl Jung called it, the psyche or the soul.

The Sphinx Code unveils your Archetypal Blueprint, which is a map of your own psyche, personal subconscious, and personal life, helping you navigate your psychological behaviors, your ego’s evolution, social structures, conditioning and beliefs and provides you with a clear path to “do the work” or to align to your own innate genetic expression.  Understanding your Sphinx Code enables the transformation of your negative traits towards liberating your unique genius.

Through your Archetypal Blueprintˇ you discover how to truly transform and activate your wonder and purposeful life. Simply, it is a new wisdom system that helps you understand your psychology, your personality, and your life purpose through an archetypal map of your subconscious. It shows you a clear and unique path for you to attain your highest expression of your being.

Sphinx Code is a journey into yourself, so that you may unlock your conditioning and blockages that hinder your own spiritual power, and move towards realizing your divine purpose  your hero’s journey, and to align with your destiny. Welcome to your Sphinx Code!