The Archetypal Blueprint is a map to your personal subconscious architecture. It is composed of a diamond structure with 12 positions, and the Transcendental Path on the right(or bottom on mobile) that is comprised of 4 archetypes.  The top archetypes in gold are your evolved soul archetypes, while the bottom darker archetypes are your embodied incarnation archetypes.  The left side of the diamond is where you can identify feminine expressions, and the right side of the diamond is where you identify your masculine expressions.  The bottom archetype is your conditioned environment and upbringing, while the top archetype is your evolved environment and social standing.   The transcendental path is your self activation journey, towards working through your shadows and into your evolved essence.  Beginning with your Harmonization Key, this archetype is what unlocks your deeper work. As you align to your Harmonization Key archetype, you will begin to evolve your immature ego, which unveils your mature ego, that helps you overcome the hooks, wounds, and negative behaviors of your incarnation pyramid, allowing you to access your highest expression and activate your evolved archetypes.

The elegant dance of each of your archetypes, in the 16 positions gives your unique structure of your psyche.  This outlines your unique journey in this life, allowing you to understand your personal parameters of your inner-mind and outer reality.  Discover your personality traits, behaviors and characteristics to go deeper within yourself.  Contemplate each of these archetypes, as they are powerful frequencies and conscious energies that can be customized, personalized, and actualized by your own unique perspective and feeling.   Each archetype carries a bandwidth of extremes to discover where you feel comfortable enacting this specific consciousness.  Learn to navigate through your Archetypal Blueprint and unlock your inner magic and unique genius.

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